TBT: Neopets MMO Avatar Design

People seem interested in Neo-related TBTs so here’s another one.

For the MMO avatars, we were trying to design a system that would allow for the easy add-on of various “parts” and body types – we wanted to eventually have as many existing species in the game as we could and, you know, if you wanted a slightly stout Nimmo, that’s cool, too – while also keeping the base avatar as uniform as possible so that clothes/armour/customisations wouldn’t be a nightmare to add and manage. We were also trying to make sure we somehow accommodated Baby paintbrushes, too.

This is a shot of the whiteboard during one of the brainstorms. We did a prototype of the game and it seemed like things would have worked out, but since the game was cancelled, we’ll never really know. It’s a mystery forever.

I have no idea why that stick figure is saying, “Bonanza!” He was just excited, I guess.


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