Nice to meet you.

That’s me at work. I was working in that photo. Good times.

Some Quick Facts

Professionally, I’m a:

  • Creative/Game Director
  • Experience Designer
  • Brand guardian
  • Storyteller
  • Lore keeper
  • Game designer
  • Community evangelist
  • FUN-gineer
Personally, I’m a:

  • Gamer
  • Dress-up enthusiast
  • Programmer
  • Toy hoarder collector
  • Crafter
  • Amateur scientist
  • Awkward Introvert
  • Fangirl

And Some Not-So-Quick

I used to want to be a scientist. Like, the nerdy kind where you try to figure out how the world works. I joined the U.S. Army Reserve to pay for college and went to the University of Washington in Seattle, where I was sure that my wacky dream of one day meeting Bill Nye the Science Guy would come true. (It didn’t… until 14 years later back in Southern California.) I majored in Physics, which is not as hard as everyone thinks but, yeah, the math does suck.

Things never turn out like you expect them to, though, and I wandered into web programming, working for entertainment companies like Universal Studios and Warner Bros. That eventually lead me into the creative field, and I went from programmer to content manager, then to game designer, and eventually found myself in the role of Creative Director on Neopets at Nickelodeon. I got to entertain millions of my closest friends on a daily basis, which was pretty darn rad. (That’s also where I picked up my seemingly irreversible British spelling habit.)

After that, I took some much-enjoyed time off, moved from Southern California to Seattle (again), and am now consulting. I really like collaborating with people and helping them make their things the best things they can be.

This site is just a place for me to ramble incessantly about stuff, usually pertaining to questions I’ve been asked that I’m actually physically incapable of answering concisely for some reason. If that interests you, awesome; glad you could hang out with me for a bit. If it doesn’t, try this.

Oh, also, I’m quite fond of Red Vines. Like, a lot. That’s pretty important.

Hi, Mom!

Things I Want to Hug

In no particular order…

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