Wasteland Ana

Blizzard (Overwatch)
Amazing photo by Yorkinabox.

I was immediately drawn to Ana the moment she was announced. Healer? Check. Sweet sniper kit? Check. Bad-ass old lady? Double check. She was awesome.

Then I saw this skin and I just knew I’d eventually give in and make her, despite any reasonable protests to the contrary. This is totally my aesthetic and I was absolutely in love. There was a very brief period where I looked at a couple of other skins and tried to talk myself out of it but it was no use. I said what the hell and decided to make her for BlizzCon even though I was now two states away from Anaheim and would also have to figure out costume transport logistics. 

Post-Apocalyptic Granny Ana for life.

Quick Facts

  • Character: Ana, Wasteland skin
  • Series: Blizzard (Overwatch)
  • Year: 2017
  • Hours: 500+
  • Event(s): BlizzCon 2017 Costume Contest, BlizzCon 2018, and probably BlizzCon 2019 again because she’s so much fun to wear


  • Everything is made from scratch except the boots and base gloves (just because I hate making gloves).
  • The armour is mostly EVA foam, with the exceptions being the base of the bracer and the the “teeth” on the coat. They’re 3D printed.
  • The rifle barrel is PVC and EVA foam and the rest is mostly 3D printed with some foam accents. The barrel separates from the body so it can be packed for travel. (It was also built in 5 days in a rush. I would love to remake it.)
  • All but one of the 3D models were made by my beau, who is amazing and my saviour.
  • All the “darts” (on the coat, bracer, and rifle) are plastic test tubes lit with LEDs. There’s some parchment paper and fabric inside to diffuse the light. Would love to upgrade these in the future to make them look more like they’re full of her alchemical concoctions.
  • The base of the mask is a paintball mask I got from Amazon, but covered with so much foam that most of the original mask is no longer visible.
  • There are some bits that are intentionally inaccurate for construction and/or proportional purposes but I notice them every time and will slowly go insane.

Completed Costume Gallery

Progress Shots

More to come! (I have so many. Need to go through them all.)

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