Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Hellboy (Movie)
Anyone seen Abe?

This was the first time we’d dressed up as a group for Halloween and we got completely hooked.

Me as Kroenen (Movie), Comastar as Lobster Johnson (Comics), Viola as Princess Nuala (Hellboy II), Snowbunny as Liz (Movie), DJ Skellington as the best damn Hellboy I’ve ever seen.

Quick Facts

  • Character: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
  • Series: Hellboy (Movie)
  • Year: 2009
  • Hours: ~80 over 5 months (mostly research and sourcing parts)
  • Event(s): Work Halloween Contest


  • I picked Kroenen because he’s a cool villain, with the mask(s) and the mechanical parts and the awesome fighting style. (Also, Abe would have been impossible to pull off.) I did not pick Kroenen because he’s a Nazi. Fuck Nazis. Nazis are assholes.
  • As such, I tried to be accurate without using any of the symbolism. Basically, dude in black leather. So, all the pertinent symbols on the cap and insignia are either removed or blacked out. If I could do it over, I would alter the eagle on the hat even further. No one said anything at the time, but I think it’s still evokes the original too much.
  • The visor cap, Luger (p38), and a few other accessories were purchased from a WWII replica shop in the UK. Specifically a shop I researched extensively to make sure I was giving money to a legitimate historical society doing good works and not Nazi sympathizers. (One shop I was looking at here in the US actually wanted you to check a box affirming that you were a Neo-Nazi and part of the “master race” when purchasing. What the actual fuck?!)
  • The boots are not replicas because they only make those in larger men’s sizes. >_< So I had to improvise.
  • My plan was to just do this out of a wool or something because I could never, ever have made a that uniform in (faux) leather myself. But then I found a leather-worker overseas that had already made one for guy that did this same costume. He just altered his pattern and made another one to fit me. And it was cheap. Super lucky.
  • The mask is a fiberglass replica of the Sideshow Toy official replica. Had it custom made on eBay.

Completed Costume Gallery

Mostly it’s just the five of us standing in a line multiple times. Don’t ask me why.

“Fan Art”

Comastar sent some of our Halloween photos to a friend of her’s, just to share the fun. Three weeks later, a package arrives for her containing this painting of that first photo in the gallery. It was done completely out of the blue as a gift for Comastar.

This picture doesn’t do the painting justice at all! It’s 100 times more awesome in person. Blame my old cell phone for the shoddy quality.

Anyway, best thing ever. L.M. Stephens, I don’t know you, but you totally made my day.

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