Dr. Frank Sloth

The scariest thing of all? A camera from 2004.

For my first Halloween at Neopets, I was a “ninja monkey”. Yeah, I dunno.

For my second Halloween at Neopets, I decided to pick a character from the site. Dr. Sloth is my favourite so it was a pretty easy decision. I just had to figure out how to make his massive head.

Don’t tell him I said he has a massive head.

Quick Facts

  • Character: Dr. Frank Sloth, Master of All, Hugger of None
  • Series: Neopets
  • Year: 2004
  • Hours: ~12
  • Event(s): Work Halloween Contest


  • The head is made of generic upholstery foam that’s glued together and carved into shape, surrounded by a layer of squishy batting to even things out and add some plush, with an outer layer of green spandex for skin. Eyes and nose details are craft foam. Mouth is some posterboard covered in felt, with some black mesh inside so I can see out.
  • Robe is a “reaper” Halloween robe I bought and added red lining to in the sleeves.
  • I started this costume 2 days before Halloween. That was a great idea.
  • The beau actually helped me with this one… and given that he stayed up until 3am the night before Halloween while we tried to finish it, it’s probably the reason why he’s never helped me again.
  • We initially made the head WAY too big and ended up cutting it down quite a bit.

Completed Costume Gallery

2004 camera warning. Apologies.

Progress Shots

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  1. Mary June 30, 2018 at 09:51

    That’s insanely awesome ^^


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